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Option Samurai offers you the sharpest tool to guarantee the constant edge
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professional experience, your Samurai ensures that you receive vital
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We constantly conduct researches to find strategies that increase your edge in the stock market. Read more »
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Option Samurai informs you everyday about the best option trades according to YOUR investment style.
The best trades are just few clicks away. With our predefined screens you'll be able to find the best trades in the market in seconds.
Constant Edge
Option trading allows you to find a constant edge on the competition. Our tools work for you and help you profit and even improve over time.
Cutting edge technology removes the clutter and allows you to find the best trades while considering data from various sources.
Built by Investors
The tool was built by investors for investors. Option Samurai is the result of careful examination of day to day investment process of successful investors.


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Option Samurai is always at your service. Whether you are long or short,
collecting premiums or leveraging your positions, your Samurai has your
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Our scanner lets you scan the 800,000+ options traded in the market. It helps you find the best trades very quickly, using data from 8 different sources

One click Scans

We are not only about computer power. We also employ professional know-how to quickly remove the clutter and provide you with the most relevant data.

Implied volatility percentile

Use our Implied volatility percentile calculation to find better trades. Our backtests show better and more consistent results when using this calculation. Read more here

Stock score

Our proprietary stock score grades all stocks from 1-10 and helps you save time when looking for the best option trades.

Dividends and Earnings

Earning dates and dividends have strong effect on stocks. Our scanner incorporates this data seamlessly so you can make better decisions.

Analysis Tab

Our analysis tab and tools allow you to better understand the trades before you make them.

Trade Checklist

Get a bird’s eye view on your trade before sending it to market. Market, earnings, dividends and technical data is gathered and displayed for a quick and comprehensive overview.

Market sentiment Widget

Need help deciding what strategy to trade? No problem! Our market sentiment widget tracks the market trend and volatility so you can have a big-picture view on current situation.


We conduct research on regular bases to help traders fine-tune their trading strategies and to make sure our tools give the best edge. Read more »

User Experience

We use the industry's best practices in order to assure that our tools are easy to use and provide the best experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up?

Trader who have a funded account and broker permissions to trade options. You can search specific strategies so even if you can trade a strategy (for example naked call in IRA account) you can easily find only trades that suits you.

Do I sign a contact?

No. You sign for a recurring billing plan that suits you. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

I have more Questions

You can contact us or check out here for more questions and answers.

Can I try you out?

Absolutely! We offer a Two weeks trial, so sign up today and get free access to all features until March 13 (no credit card needed).

Do you offer refunds?

You can sign up for a free two weeks trial where you won’t be charged (no credit card needed). Once a Premium member and should you decide to cancel your subscription, we do offer pro rated refunds for our yearly and quarterly plans only.

About Us

The stock market can be a hazardous place. You are the Master, we are your Samurai. We bring with us years of experience in the field, and a passion to use innovative technology to benefit individual investors. Our House includes professional traders, portfolio managers, market analysts, and master technologists, working together to offer the sharpest tool in the market place. As stock market warriors ourselves, our approach is aggressive, yet respectful. We are at your service.


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