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GigaCloud Technology Inc Covered Calls Options Strategy

LAST 32.19 SCORE 7 5 10

As of , GCT (GigaCloud Technology Inc) has 5 Covered Call trade opportunities in the coming three months. For a Covered call trade, you buy 100 shares of GCT and sell one Call option. The return is expected to range from 0.31 — 6.62% until expiration, which is 8.29 — 58.36% annualized. The closest expiration is 2024-07-19, and the maximum potential profit is $1311.00

Stock Statistics:

Software - Infrastructure Technology
1,310 -28.75% 379.73% Strong Buy
20.14 above the current stock price
0.00% 2024-08-20 12.50 8.35 2.58

Potential Covered Calls trades:

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Expiration date Days to expiration Strike Moneyness % Bid Ask Max. profit Return % Return annualized % Breakeven % Delta Open interest Bid-Ask spread
2024-08-16 41 35.0 8.73 2.00 2.15 4.81 6.62 58.36 -6.21 41.99 1,044 0.15
2024-07-19 13 35.0 8.73 0.55 0.60 3.36 1.74 47.22 -1.71 26.38 10,134 0.05
2024-08-16 41 40.0 24.26 0.85 1.00 8.66 2.71 23.89 -2.64 22.80 531 0.15
2024-07-19 13 40.0 24.26 0.10 0.15 7.91 0.31 8.47 -0.31 6.76 1,516 0.05
2024-08-16 41 45.0 39.79 0.30 0.45 13.11 0.94 8.29 -0.93 10.95 202 0.15

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Moneyness %
The distance between the stock's last price and the strike.
Max. profit
The Maximum profit (in US $) for the strategy at expiration, using the options MID price. This data point available only for trades with limited profit.
Return %
The return on investment from selling the option.
Return annualized %
Annualized calculation of the return - the ROI from selling the option.
Breakeven %
The breakeven point is the point where the profit and loss of the strategy are equal.
Delta is the change in the option price for every 1$ move in the underlying symbol. It is also used as a rough estimate of the option probability to expire in the money.
Open interest
Total open interest (also known as open contracts or open commitments) refers to the total number outstanding of derivative contracts that have not been settled. Across all strikes and expirations.
Bid-Ask spread
The difference between the option's ask and the option's bid. The tighter the spread the easier it is the trade.


What is a Covered Call?

A Covered Call is an options strategy that owns 100 shares and sells one Call option, usually above the current stock price. This bullish options strategy 'sacrifices' some of the upside of the position to collect premiums and generate an income stream from stocks you own. Covered Calls trades perform best on stocks you are bullish on, but don't expect a significant price increase in the short term. The covered calls strategy also pairs well with dividend-paying stocks.

When looking for trade ideas, you can use our option screener for covered calls with a high probability of profit and annualized return, as well as steady dividends, robust fundamentals, or an excellent score to increase your likelihood of profit and reduce your risk.

What is GCT Implied Volatility (IV)?

Implied volatility (IV) is one of the most critical measures for options traders. It is used to tell us if an option is expensive or cheap. High Implied Volatility is better for Covered Calls trades, while low IV is usually less profitable for Covered Calls.

As of , GCT stock IV is 70.98 and the percentile is — .

We've conducted thorough research into the IV, and we see that it is mean-reverting - meaning after a high value, we can expect a lower value in a higher probability (and vice versa). We published our Implied volatility research in our blog. You can read more there.

What are the benefits of using Covered Calls on GCT stock?

The benefits of using Covered Calls on GCT stock include generating additional income through the premiums received from selling call options, potentially lowering the effective cost basis of the stock, and providing a degree of downside protection in case the stock price declines.

What are the risks associated with the Covered Call strategy?

The risks of using Covered Calls include the possibility of missing out on significant gains if the stock price rises significantly above the strike price, limiting the potential upside. Additionally, if the stock price declines significantly, the premium received may not be sufficient to offset the loss.

How do I select the appropriate strike price and expiration date for Covered Calls on GCT stock?

The selection of strike price and expiration date depends on your specific investment goals and risk tolerance. Generally, a strike price slightly above the current stock price is chosen to provide some buffer room. The expiration date can vary, but it's often a few weeks to a few months out. You can check our option screener for more analysis options.

Are there any tax implications with Covered Calls?

It's important to consult with a tax advisor regarding the tax implications of using Covered Calls. Depending on your jurisdiction, the premiums received and potential gains or losses from the strategy may be subject to specific tax regulations.

How can I monitor the performance of my Covered Calls on GCT stock?

You can track the performance on our Trade log feature or on your broker account. It is important to track both the option price and the stock price to track the Covered Call position accurately.